We are ready!


After more than 18 months of preparation, we are proud to say that we are almost ready for this big adventure of ours! We have created this website and also our Facebook Page ‘Go Explore Oz‘ to share our journey with all of you and also hope to keep encourage others to do the same!

However, things weren’t that straight forward at the beginning. When we first had the idea of travelling around Australia (a.k.a The Big Lap), it was early 2014, when we first got married. We started preparing for the trip and got real excited. We have tried to read a lot of past and existing stories, following forums and Facebook pages, we went to purchase a lot of camping gear like tent, sleeping bags, self-inflating mattresses, cooking equipment, books, maps & atlas, GPS, etc. We thought we were going very well until when we have made the decision on the purchase of the camper trailer.

When we were deciding on which main type of accommodation to take with us on the trip, we have gone for the camper trailer option. There were a few reasons behind the decision, first of all, it was the amount of living and storage space it can offer, when you are travelling on the road full time for a year or so, have the extra storage space for some extra clothing seemed like a good idea (especially for the missus!). Secondly, not needing to sleep on the ground was a pretty darn important for first time campers like ourselves, not needing to worry about creepy crawlies at night would certainly give us a peace of mind for a better night sleep. Not to mention, the camper trailer would withstand different kind of weather better than a normal tent, or so we thought. Finally, towing a camper trailer would certainly be easier than towing a caravan with our humble 4 cylinder Toyota Prado, and would be easier to reach certainly places than a caravan.

Everything were well prepared at that point, and we’d thought we had done enough research on which type camper trailers we wanted. We saw an advertising for an off-road hard floor camper trailer for sale, we checked it out at a store. We liked the setting of the camper and the extra standard features it offered, where as other brands would have them as optioned. Not to mention, the price was a real winner (so we thought at the time)! Therefore, we have decided to purchase that camper, and that has led to our downfall…

It turned out when something seems too good to be true, it generally is. We have found out the hard way that what we have purchased was not a real ‘off-road’ camper, and was not built for our purpose along with a few other defects. We had to replace the camper for a more reputable and reliable camper. It was because of this incident that has caused a delay for 18 months and we were most frustrated by this experience, however, also a valuable lesson learned! After such dramatic event, we have now gathered ourselves, and are now prepared for departure take two in Feb 2016!

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