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First job – Catering Assistants

Catering Assistants

It was part of our plan to find work along the way, as we know we are on a tight budget. If we purely rely on the little amount of money we’ve had, we won’t last long and it will be a very short trip. So when we came to ACT, we have decided to also try to find some work.

We have tried searching for jobs on the internet, but not a lot of short term work on offer. So we then tried using agencies, as we’ve found out there are quite a few agencies for different types of industry, such as construction, general labour, office & administration, hospitality, etc.

In the end, we were offered a short term position by Pinnacle People. They are an agency that deals with the hospitality industry. We have applied the catering assistant they have advertised and we were told it would be a short term position for a month and up to two months if possible. We thought it was very suitable for our need and we accepted the position.

We worked as catering assistants at a nursing home kitchen in ACT. This was a decent size nursing home with quite a few residents living there, our job with the rest of the kitchen team was to provide quality food for them with six meals a day and seven days a week!

It was certainly very different to the type of office work we were used to, as we were required to be on our feet all day and serving food to different areas inside the nursing home.

Although different, but it was a rewarding job, not only did we get the money we needed from this job. We have also met many new people, such as the lovely kitchen team, the caring staffs and made friends to some residents.

We have also learned so much from this work place, especially about the type of food handling requirements and the different types of food and drink texture required for different residents. We’ve felt the pressure that we and other people are under in taking good care of residents in the facility, and we will be showing more of our respect to the people working in the aged care industry.

During our time here, there were two significant moments for us. First of all, we were named ‘Employee of the Month’ by Pinnacle People in May. We were very surprised, as we have never thought we would receive an honour like this, let alone this was our first month to work with the agency and the nursing home. Secondly, we have received a thank you and farewell gift from one of the lovely residents, who thanked us for our service to them and give us a little koala as our travelling companion during our trip! We were so touched by her action and we have gained so much more than just money from this job, which we will treasure for as long as we can!

A gift from a lovely resident.

A gift from a lovely resident.

We thank God for this job opportunity, the love, experience and memories that were given to us. It’s sad to know we will leave this job, but at the same time, we look forward to the next one ahead of us!

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First two months on the road

Our first two months on the road

Well, what do you know? Time really does fly by, all of a sudden, we have been on the road for two months now (although really speaking, we have stay put in Canberra for the whole month)! It has certainly been a very different experience for us, we are still pinching ourselves every now and then to confirm whether this is a reality!

Even though we have just started our trip and our dream, there had been a lot happened with many fond memories. It is true when they say, ‘It is not just about the places you have been, but also about the people you have met along the way.’

We have certainly met many wonderful people, we have made some friends and have learned so much from others with different backgrounds, knowledge and experiences.

Apart from these fond moments, we have also come across some challenges. One of the main challenges we had would certainly be the tight budget we are on, it’s not easy when you have a set weekly budget and there are so many places to see, things to do and delicious food to eat! Not to mention about the feelings, when you don’t have a stable income and you see the amount of cash decrease in the bank every week.

However, it has also been a good lesson for us to learn how to use our budget wisely, be creative on spending and still visit places and do the majority of things we’ve wanted. Aren’t we glad that we have set a budget and stuck to it, imagine how worse it can get if we hadn’t?

The limited amount of space has also been a new normal for us. Yes, we have a 4WD plus a camper trailer. Yes, we are only travelling as a couple. Yet, you’ll still be surprised by the limited amount of space you will get when you pack to be travelling full time on the road for four seasons. So far, we are blessed that we have listened to other’s advice on packing only the basics and essentials, otherwise, it would’ve been very difficult for us to try and fit everything into the 4WD or the camper.

If we do run out of things, or we have realised we needed something that we didn’t pack, we can always buy again on the road. At this stage, we are using frequently of what we have brought with us, and we haven’t needed to buy anything major, apart from the little fan heater to deal with the cooler weather.

We have enjoyed our journey so far, we have had more time to learn to live a simpler live. More importantly, we have been envied by many we have met along the way, as we are living their dreams at the moment. Which we hope one day, those people would make a move and live their own dreams, before it becomes too late!

Go explore this great country!


Our travel buddy – Curly!!


Looking forward to the great moments ahead

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