Our Gear 06 – Power and Tools

Power & Tools

Dual Batteries

When camping in the bush access to power can be difficult. Therefore, we have to set up ourselves so we can run our fridge, lightings and even charge our mobile phones.

First of all, we have an auxiliary battery installed under the bonnet to run the fridge and LED light. We have also installed a Redarc Dual Battery Isolator, it will cut off the connection to the auxiliary battery when drawing too much power, to avoid a flat main battery.

We have an auto electrician installing all these to ensure they are properly fused, to have the correct type of plugs and correct sized cables to ensure correctly flow of current.

Dual batteries under the bonnet

Dual batteries under the bonnet. Main battery on the right, auxiliary battery on the left.

Redarc Dual Battery Isolator

Redarc Dual Battery Isolator

Solar Panels

Apart from the dual batteries, we have also got another battery installed in our camper trailer, mainly to run LED lights. We would use a battery charger to charge all three batteries whenever we have access to 240V power.

However, when we are camping in the bush, we won’t have access to main power and one of the way is to use a solar panel. There are people who would prefer to use a generator, but we personally prefer solar panels for is quietness and won’t need to purchase fuel to run.

Our 140W folded portable solar panels.

Our 140W folded portable solar panels & 15A power lead.

Basic recovery tools

We have a set of basic recovery tool kit in order to assist us when we may get stuck. We have rated recovery points installed to the front of our 4WD. We have a rear recovery hitch to be attached to the tow bar if needed. We have also got rated bow shackles.

We have a tyre deflator and 12V air compressor. This will help us to alter our tyre pressure to suit different road surfaces and conditions. A tyre repair kit would also be handy if we’re required to repair a tyre leak along the way.

Basic recovery tools

Basic recovery tools

Tool kit and spare parts

We’re expected to do our own basic servicing to our 4WD along the way, therefore a set of tool kit is required.

In the tool box, there are various tools that suit to service our vehicle, such as socket sets (metric), ring spanner, screw drivers, cutters, etc.

We have also included a few useful kits, such as fuel tank repair kit and windscreen repair kit.

In terms of spare parts, we have included engine oil, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, belts and radiator hoses (top & bottom). We may need a few more parts along the way, however, if we stick mainly to the highways and major towns, we should have enough and can buy more along the way.

Tools & spare parts

Tools & spare parts

Other useful tools

Apart from the list above, there are a few other useful tools that we have brought with us.

Long handle shovel is a very versatile tool, it serves many purpose, such as digging yourself or your vehicle out of trouble. You can use it to handle a camp fire, and you can even use it to dig holes for our nature calls!

An axe can be used for firewood, a hammer if you’ve forgotten one. It may even serve as a self-defense weaponry, when under extreme situation.

Consider adding a small folded shovel to your tool list, as it can be easier to use for the ladies and children. It can also be used when needed to dig in a finite matter, such as near tyres or mechanical parts of the car.

Don’t forget to have a Drinking Water graded hose, when trying to fill drinking water in your tanks or jerry cans. Normal gardening hose will leave a horrible plastic taste to your water, while the drinking water hose won’t, this is from personal experience!

Axes & shovels are very useful and multi-purposes.

Axes & shovels are very useful and multi-purposes.

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