Our Gear 04 – Cooking & Utensils

Cooking & Utensils

Cast Iron Grill Plate 01

There is nothing quite like cooking on a camp fire.


There are many different ways to cook while travelling or camping.

One of our favourite ways is to cook on an open fire. There is nothing like cooking on a camp fire, the heat, the smell and the visual sensation. We just love it!

However, there will be times where we won’t be able to start a camp fire, such as staying at a caravan park, camp sites that prohibits open camp fire, or weather conditions like raining or fire ban.
Therefore, we would need to have other method of cooking. We have two types of stove that we carry with us a LPG two burner stove and a butane gas single burner stove.

LPG Stove

LPG two burner stove

The LPG stove is very powerful (11,000 BTU each burner) and easy to use. You could use it to boil water and make a nice gourmet meal in no time!
The downside of it would be too powerful for frying an egg or making pancakes.

Portable Butane Stove

Butane Gas Stove

This is a less powerful stove, but it has more control over its flame output, which is handy for those delicate cooking. It is also very portable, which we can carry with us easier in our car when we drive around and want to stop by for a warm lunch.

hiking stove

Our little hiking stove.

We have even got a little hiking stove, so when we go hiking, we can still have a hot cuppa or a warm snack.


Apart from stoves, we have a variety of pots, pans and utensils in our kitchen collection. We have learned that it maybe best to ‘box up’ when it come to kitchen things and dry food.
Therefore, we have a few boxes for our kitchen need. We have a box for dry food, can food, tea & coffee. We have another box for cleaning and garbage bags. We have a box for all our pots, pans, coffee plunger and billy. We have a box for cutlery and crockery, and a box for all cooking oil, herbs and spices. Once you have spend some time sorting things into categorizing and into different boxes, cooking will be a whole lot easier at camp! We will also carry our camp oven and a thermal slow cooker with us.


Our kitchen needs in boxes.


Cutlery & crockery.


Cooking utensils.


Cleaning and tea & coffee.


Herbs and spices.


Pots, pans and billy.


Water is very important and we have a few jerry cans to carry drinking water with us. Our camper trailer also has a 60L water tank. So we can be sure we have up to 1-2 weeks worth of water on board if we ever needed.


10L water container & 20L water jerry can.


We have an Engel 32L fridge/freezer for our need to keep food fresh. It is not a big size fridge by all means, but if we strategically place our food, it would how enough food for two of us for four to five days.


Our 32L Engel fridge that lives in the back of our 4WD.

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