Our Gear 03 – Camp Furniture

Camp Furniture

Camp Chairs

Jet Tent Pilot Chair

While we are travelling, we won’t have our couches or sofas with us, so our camp chair will be our main chair to be sitting on all the time.

Hence, we have gone for the more expensive Jet Tent Pilot Chair. It has more back and lumbar support, structurally more durable.

It is more bulky and heavier than our previous camp chairs, but we think these new ones should last much longer.


20160124_120620   20160127_171349

We will be bringing some compact light-weighted camping tables.

They can be used anywhere and will fit in the camper or vehicle without taking so much space.

More importantly, they are light enough for my wife to set up and pack up by herself, which is very handy.

Portable Toilet (Optional)


We have this portable toilet just in case we have gone somewhere that has absolutely no amenities provided, and the situation is not ideal to dig holes.

This is also a peace of mind for the wife at camp.

There are other people who would prefer to have other types of camp furniture, such as wardrobe, kitchen bench, stretchers, etc.

However, from our experience we have found that less is more, simpler is better. We can use plastic tubs for clothes storage instead of a wardrobe, a bucket for fetching water and doubled as a camp kitchen sink. If an item does’t have more than one application, unless it is essential, we won’t be taking it with us. Not to mention the limited amount of space we have!

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