Our Gear 02 – Sleeping & Bedding

Sleeping & Bedding

Sleeping Bags

20160127_171157   Sleeping bag 02

We have chosen to take our Denali duck down sleeping bags with us.

It is warm, light weight and compact. They have a comfort rating of -10°C (The Wife) and -4°C (Myself)

Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but we have bought identical ones that can be zipped up to be a combined big sleeping bag. So we thought it was worth it.

Self-inflating Mattresses

20160127_170749   4WD Mattress 02

In order to be more comfortable at sleep, we have gone with the Wild Country 4WD self-inflating mattress.

The 4WD mattress are thicker (8-10cm) and more bulky in general, however, it provides more comfort and more insulated to ground temperature.

We have camped in these mattresses many times, and has made sleeping in the wild much more pleasant.

It can be used either in the camper trailer or in our tent.


bed-945881   pillows-1031079


One of the most important item but often overlooked!

Very often,  a bad night of sleeping experience is what causes people to never camp again!

Therefore, we cannot stress enough, bring your own pillow with you when camping or travelling. Having a pillow that you are used to will result in a much better night sleep, which will also lead to more energy and better mood the next day.

Hot water bottles

hot-32933    warm-559113


A basic item that is old school, but works without the need of electricity.

Forget fancy heaters or electric blankets, when you are camping in the bush, there won’t be power for you to plug in a heater.

Therefore, the simplest way is to boil some hot water and put inside a hot water bottle to keep your bed or sleeping bag warm!

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