Our Gear 01 – Vehicle & Camper Trailer

Our Vehicle & Camper Trailer:

2002 Toyota Prado Diesel Automatic

Our beloved Toyota Prado

We have chosen this vehicle for a number of reasons:

  1. It fits within our tight budget and it already came with a few handy aftermarket upgrades, such as a bull bae, tow bar, UHF radio and a snorkel.
  2. Being a Toyota it is known to be reliable and tough, also very common throughout Australia, which means easier to find parts and/or someone that knows how to fix it.
  3. Having a few factory safety features on this vehicle like Front Air bags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control, certainly bring peace of mind to the driver and passengers while travelling on the road.
  4. An Automatic vehicle with cruise control meaning it adds comfort to long distance travelling on days where we will need to knock off extra kilometers.
  5. Finally, being a diesel vehicle, it should have no trouble in finding fuel along the way, it should provide more guts while towing and in a long-term it should be more efficient on long distance travelling than a petrol powered vehicle.

Johnno’s Allrounder Soft Floor Camper Trailer

Johnno’s Allrounder Off Road Camper Trailer

Although it is a soft-floor camper, it only takes around 15 minutes to setup for an overnight sleep, which is good when you will be arriving camp later than expected.

It has a lot of space for storage, including large front tool box, and varies compartments on the trailer’s side. It also came with a built-in kitchen.

It has a large living area, a queen size foam mattress, and able to sleep off the ground from animals and crawlies! (Important for the wife)

This is an off-road model, which offers extra toughness to get off the beaten track, but also make sure it can make it back in one piece.

Wild Country Tourer 320 Canvas Touring Tent

Wild Country Tourer 320

This touring tent is spacious, quick to set up with a centre pole. We can also stand tall inside to change!

When we go to places that are hard to reach with our camper trailer, the touring tent will be a good option!

Also, if anything happens to the camper trailer, we still have a backup camping option.

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