Jindabyne – ‘The Valley’


Jindabyne is a beautiful township located 35km East of Thredbo or 178km South of Canberra.
This is also one of the major town with supplies if you wanted to visit and explore the Southern precinct of Kosciuszko National Park.
The name ‘Jindabyne’ was derived from the aboriginal word meaning ‘valley’, and what a correct description it was.

Jindaybyne 01

Hills surrounding the area, no wonder it was named ‘the valley’.

Lake Jindabyne

As we were driving West from Cooma along the Kosciuszko Road, we had to come through a series of windy hilly roads as we were getting closer to Jindabyne.
It will be the same if you either continue West towards Crackenback or North towards Charlotte Pass.
When we’ve driven passed East Jindabyne, we came across a beautiful scenery.
It was the Lake Jindabyne in sight and with the afternoon sun shining across the surface of the lake, it was such a refreshing scenic change from the boring windy roads!

Lake Jindabyne 01

Some locals with their dogs having a bit of a cool down in the lake.

Lake Jindabyne 02

A popular swimming spot for the locals.

The lake is very popular water activity area for the locals, with many choose to have a swim in the lake, kayaking or even pedal boarding.
If you prefer to be less active, a walk along the lake side is a wonderful option.
There is a very well formed concrete path along the lake side, water refilling station, seats and plenty of natural shades from the trees and bushes along the path.

park seat

One very creative artwork along the path.

The Lion (left) island and its cub (right).

The Lion (left) island and its cub (right).

Local Bakery and cafes

After your walk along the lake side, you can choose to relax at your local cafes and bakery.
We went to a cafe called CoffeeBeatsDrinks (a.k.a. CBD to the locals), they have a rather modern and relaxing environment inside, their menu is kept very simple and their choice to use glass jars to serve their coffee was quite an interesting idea. Not to mention, their coffees are pretty good!

Coffee in a jar?

Coffee in a jar?

Lunch at the local bakery.

Lunch at the Sundance Bakery.

Jindabyne Tourist Information Centre

There is a Tourist Information Centre next to the main shopping complex in town, it is a decent size information centre, with a cafe and cinema in the building.
There are plenty of information for Thredbo, Mt Kosciuszko, Kosciuszko National Park and surrounding towns and attraction.
The staffs there are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, there is even a theatre with a video showing information about the Snowy Mountain region.

Jindabyne Tourist Information Centre 02

Jindabyne Tourist Information Centre

Getting around town

Driving around town is quite easy with the main road cutting through the heart of Jindabyne.
As mentioned, there is a main shopping area in the town, with a supermarket, local cafes, bakery, a pub and other eateries.
There is also a medical centre, pharmacy, banks, post office and newsagency to deal with any daily needs.
On top of that, there are plenty of shops to sell souvenirs, skiing, fishing and camping gear.
There are also two service stations in town for your choice of fuel.

It has everything you need in town.

It has everything you need in town.

We also took the chance to stock up.

We also took the chance to stock up.

Jindabyne town is truly beautiful town with character. It maybe a snow season town for the skiers, but this friendly town warmly welcomes you no matter in the snow or sun.
We hope to visit this town again in the future, hopefully in the snow season, where we can see the beautiful town and lake surrounded by fluffy white snow!

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