Let your next adventure begin, as we uncover the unique true beauty of Australia!

Welcome to the homepage of Go Explore Oz! We are your normal day to day couple who have adopted Australia as their home. We have lived in Melbourne for over 10 years without taking time to explore this great country! Therefore, we have decided to break our routine, take some time off and explore Australia!

We hope that you can follow us on our adventure, share our excitement, our joy, our ups and downs, as we try to uncover parts of this country where we have never been before. Our plan is to spend time travelling around the coastline of Australia, visiting every state and every state’s capital. We would also like to travel off the beaten track and visit some places that are more remote with our four wheel drive. Finally, we would also hope to try our best to conquer the extreme points of the Australian Continent (main island), which are the Most Northern, Most Southern, Most Eastern, Most Western, the Geographical Centre Point and also the Highest Point. We have spent around 18 months preparing for this trip, including setting up our 4WD, buying the necessary camping gear, recovery gear, and most importantly, our hearts and mind for this trip of a lifetime.

We have created this website not only to share our adventure as we travel around Australia, but also hoping to use this platform to help those who are planning to do something similar in the future. We want to encourage people to walk out of their comfort zone to see what our great country has to offer, and we want to also encourage people to have fun at camping and 4WD around Australia in a sensible manner. We hope you will enjoy this and share with us your thoughts, stories and experience. Remember to explore without limit, as we don’t know if we will get a second chance at this!