Gear Guide

dome tent 01   Chairs 01   Cast Iron Grill Plate 01   Billy 01

This camping gear guide is to help those who are new to camping or first time traveller to Australia.
We will share what we think it was necessary for us to travel on the road and camping. It may not be the same for everyone, as their needs will be different to others.
Yet, we hope to provide a guideline here and make your preparation just a bit easier.

We will cover the majority categories of camping gear and try our best to give our two cents worth on them.

Beginner’s Gear Guide

We have also listed some of the gear we have taken for our trip. This is only to be used as an example, as different people travel and pack differently.

Our Gear 01 – Vehicle & Camper Trailer

Our Gear 02 – Sleeping & Bedding

Our Gear 03 – Camp Furniture

Our Gear 04 – Cooking & Utensils

Our Gear 05 – Communication

Our Gear 06 – Power and Tools