Day: January 23, 2016

First Aid Training

First Aid Training

As part of our trip preparation, we have decided to attend a first aid training to prepare ourselves in cases of emergency.

We have never attended this kind of training before, so we were both quite excited and looking forward to learning something new and practical.

It was an intensive training course, which we had to first completed some homework as part of the foundation.
We learned about the followings:

  • The meaning of First Aid, our duty and responsibility as a First Aid Officer.
  • The effect of Epipen, and how to give it to the patients when required.
  • What is “DRSABCD”, how this is important at the first response.
  • What is a recovery position.
  • What is CPR and how to effectively apply to adults, children and infants
  • What is a Defibrillator and how to use it in an emergency situation.
  • Allergies, anaphylaxis and asthma
  • Wounds and Snake bites
  • Some basic bandaging and dressing

It was very eye opening, and has given us a lot of new knowledge and skills. We now feel more equipped to be out there tackling on our trip.
These are certainly the type of skills and knowledge you’d hope to learn, but never needed to use them.

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