Day: December 31, 2015

Camping at Lake Eildon

Lake Eildon Camping

It has been a very busy year with a lot happening, including trip preparation, work, church, etc. Finally, we get a chance to go camping at Lake Eildon after Christmas, with a few friends from church. Some of them are first time campers, they were quite excited and nervous at the same time, as they didn’t know what to expect. We wanted to take this chance to show them the fun of camping in Australia, and give them a glimpse of our Big Lap Trip.

Lake Eildon is located at the North-Eastern part of Victoria, near Mansfield, a popular Alpine township during the snow seasons. It is a relaxing 2 to 3 hours drive (approx. 140km) from Melbourne.

The Eildon Dam started its construction in 1915 and finished in 1929. However, it experienced modification and enlargement during 1935 and 1955, to cope with the increasing demand for farmers during drought years. Lake Eildon today still act as a major irrigation source for the Goulburn Valley region.

We have chosen to stay at the free campgrounds located at the North-East part of the lake, which was managed by the government. It has basic facilities, such as drop toilets and constructed fire pits.

Where we stayed was at the upstream of the lake, so it was dry during the Summer season. However, the local ranger told us that it won’t take long for it to be filled again.
Though we lack a water front view, but were compensated by plenty of shades and quietness. As most people have decided to fight for a spot in the downstream area (not much shady spots), where the water was, we were able to have the whole camp site to ourselves!

We enjoyed the weekend around the fire, with meals, stories and laughter shared. This is a place definitely worth visiting.
(Note: Be advised to prepare your own firewood, and clean up the camp site after use, so it can still be opened!)

Lake Eildon

We stayed at the upstream area of Lake Eildon, where it was dried during Summer.

Fire Place

The camp site has facilities such as drop toilets and constructed fire places.

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